Let’s reflect, shall we?

Yesterday was my son’s 6 month birthday.  How we are already at this point is baffling to me.  Many of our days together have felt very long.  How have 6 months’ worth of them already passed?  Seems like the expression is true: The days are long but the years are short.  Well, in my case, the months have been short.

I thought it would be interesting to look back on the goals I set for myself during my maternity leave.  Keep in mind that I set these goals before my son was born.  Before I knew better. Before I knew anything about this wild, amazing, chaotic, emotional ride called motherhood.

Goal #1: Blog every other day.

I think it’s safe to say we all know how this one has panned out.

Goal #2: Read some of my favourite blogs from their beginning to present post.

Hmmm.  Read something other than a book about baby sleep or starting solids or Style At Home magazine? Nah.

Goal #3: Spend 30 minutes on the treadmill/working out daily.


Goal #4: Try a new recipe each week.

I think I’ve tried two new recipes.  No, not each week.  Total.  Since my son was born.  Two new recipes in 6 months.  And I can’t even remember what they were now, so maybe I’m making it up and I didn’t actually try any.

Goal #5: Run a race.

This is a goal I continue to toy with.  A friend has invited me to join her in a 10K race in May, and I really do want to run it. But I want to run it in good shape, with the proper, regular training efforts put in beforehand.  See goal #3.

Goal #6: Try some of the DIY decor and gift ideas I have pinned.

As if!  I am far too discombobulated most days to do more than straighten my hair and watch Love It or List It. (Hillary and David, not Jillian and Todd)

Goal #7: Keep up with professional reading.

Does signing up for my principal’s qualification course count? I haven’t actually done any reading yet, but the course doesn’t start until April.

Goal #8: Go for monthly mani/pedi.

Yay! A goal I have achieved!  As my husband says, “Gotta take care of those trotters.”

Goal #9: Stay connected with friends through coffee dates and visits.

Yay again! I may not be as social now as I was pre-adorable-wee-man, but I am managing to see friends and family on a pretty regular basis.  I love those visits – they bring me out of my own haze and remind me that there is a world beyond the walls of my house.

Goal #10: Learn how to take and edit high-quality photographs.


Ok, so 2 out of 10 goals reached.  And still 6 months of maternity leave to go.  Will she reach more goals or won’t she? The suspense is almost too much!





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