About This Girl

Hello! I’m Kelly, a 30-something Canadian, teacher, wife, and first time mummy. To flesh me out a little more, I have created this handy list of  factual tidbits:

Some Things To Know About Me

1) I eat carbs with reckless abandon.

2) I am, quite possibly, addicted to buying new bedding and throw cushions.

3) I’m an only child.  Draw whatever conclusions you like.


4) I love all animals, and therefore I don’t eat them.

5) If I ever won gobs of money, I would retire from teaching and become a professional student.  Some of the designations I would pursue include chef, make-up artist, marine biologist, mechanic, interior designer, barista (yes, like at Starbucks!), TV show producer, personal trainer, and nail polish namer (you probably don’t have to go to school for the last one, come to think of it…).

6) A few years ago, I went from thinking runners were a strange cult of people to running a half-marathon myself. I drank the Kool-Aid.


Proud papa waiting for me at the finish line of my first (and likely last) half-marathon

7) I hyperventilate a little in disorganized spaces.

8) I’m a ‘military brat’. I credit my nomadic tendencies as an adult to my transitional upbringing, and I wouldn’t change it for the world (even though craving change all the time isn’t always convenient or realistic).

9) I have a 17-year-old feline son, named Reef.  He is going deaf, and takes meds for high blood pressure and cognitive dysfunction (sometimes he gets a bit confused and howls like he’s auditioning for a scary movie sound effect).  Despite his ailments, he has a glossy coat, the sweetest purr, and he has promised me he will grow old with me and my husband.  I absolutely adore him!

10) I will become a mother for the first time in August 2015, and I’m so excited I would do cartwheels if my enormous belly didn’t guarantee improper form and some kind of stress fracture.


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