It would have been nice to know…

Yet another post about my personal rollercoaster ride into new motherhood! Have you been waiting with bated breath? Don’t answer that.

Like most women expecting their first child, I read the books about what to expect.  I knew to expect sleep deprivation, baby blues, and that I would still look pregnant for a few days after popping out my little human.  (My husband risked a punch in the throat when he made a comment about that the day after I GAVE HIM A SON.)  I also knew to expect loads of good stuff. Continue reading

Might We Suggest…

I have had numerous jobs in my life, each of which came with its own challenges: long hours on my feet, late nights, ridiculous uniforms, narky customers, boredom.  Before I started maternity leave, my career as a teacher challenged me on a daily basis as I tried to guide my students through a hefty curriculum whilst contending with a broad range of learning needs, behavioural concerns, and parental expectations.  I have to say, though…nothing has ever challenged me so much as being a rookie mom.

This post isn’t going to be about all the stuff that I have found difficult, though.  Instead, I want to share some of the things that have helped make my new job easier/helped me maintain an iota of sanity, in hopes that they might help out another new mama or two.  Continue reading

Horizontal Hurdling and Other Nocturnal Nonsense

Ah, sleep. Such a contentious topic in mommy circles.  At the risk of jinxing things, I have to say that we have been very fortunate in the sleep department as far as my son goes.  A few blips and regressions from time to time, but overall our little man likes his rest.  That’s all I’ll say on the topic of baby sleep because I know not all new moms are as lucky and they may hunt me down and maim me out of sleep-deprived envy.

That’s not to say I’m  not sleep-deprived, though.   Continue reading

Mommy Friends, I’m Sorry!

Dear (insert your name here if you are a female friend of mine with a child born before August 2015)(within the last 10 years or so),

I owe you a big apology.  Actually, I owe you many.

I have always thought myself to be a good friend to my, er, friends.  Since adding ‘mother’ to my list of personal descriptors, however, I have come to realize that I was actually a very crap friend to you, at a time when you really needed me. Continue reading

All that noise be making Mama cra-zay


I have always been a believer in trusting your instincts – trusting your gut.  And I’m not usually an anxious person.  In fact, I think I’m pretty easygoing about most things, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I embrace change.  Motherhood takes change to a whole new level, though, and to say it has been an easy adjustment would be a boldface lie.  One day it was just me and my husband, the next we had this little person entirely dependent on us for everything!  Rationally, we knew this would be the case when we found out I was pregnant.  Before baby arrives though, you just can’t imagine the sheer quantity of information you will come to need and know.  And since babies don’t come with instructions, whenever I have had a question or concern about my son or his development, I go where everyone goes with their questions and concerns in life: Google.  Continue reading